America Captain Civil War

VR Game Experience

Captain America VR Game

A 3D interactive game experiment was inspired by the movie “Captain America: Civil War” and developed by our team. The game turns your smartphone into the Captain America’s shield, you can wield it around and throw it out to combat against Iron Man. Captain America VR Game allows players to play on a provided installation. Before starting the game

How it works

You need to install an application on your smartphone and connect to the specific Wi-Fi first, then you will be able to start the game after the device configuration. In the game, your aim is to use your shield to beat all the Iron Men in the shortest time. Apart from holding and wielding the shield around, you can also throw out the shield by pressing the specific buttons.

Virtual Reality

To enhance the gaming experience, Virtual Reality (VR) can apply to the game as well, which can bring a deeper connection and engagement to the players.

Captain America Interactive Game is a technology showcase of Lightdigit. The game mechanics can be applied to various brand campaigns, in order to get more customer engagement and create buzzes.

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Project information

  • VR Game Experience
Lightdigit (In-house project)